Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Let's Be Merry

Imagine tons of baggage in your soul and you are trying to stay positive.  That, with every breath, you pray harder for better things.  That, with all the concerted efforts, you can barely stay afloat yet you need to survive.  That, with all the smile and the laughter, you know something is just not going your way.  That, every road leads to a feeling of emptiness.  That, with all your friends around you and you still feel lonely.  That, the nights and days seem longer.

Guess, it will not be easy to be totally happy when you allow such things to take charge.  Even when you try to fake the feeling.  While it is good to acknowledge their presence, and embrace the pain, it is important to pick up the pieces and move on.  Yes, it will not be easy - words are easier said.  But feelings are real. 

There is always a glory at the end of a story.  There is always a reward for those who believe.  It is, always, not the end of the world.  Life is not a mystery when you allow all its twists and turns to be your teacher.  To be your guiding light.  To take them to be your wisdom.  We just need to, willingly, surrender with faith.  And to unfold the unknown into a beacon of light.

Reiki Sanctuary goes through it.  From joy to a period of little uncertainty.  It's the path that no man is spared.  It's the learning curve we must go through.  No compromise.  It's about how much we have faith about life.  About making it through.  About thousand dreams that we should not let go.  It's about swallowing pride and surrender everything to feel the chance to live a beautiful life.

We are glad that HDB has approved, for the third time, to extend our permitry application.  And we are allowed three days for hacking and demolition.  Chiauw assured us that the hacking, for the living and dining area, will finish in one day.  We are very glad.  We feel bad causing our neighbours with all the noise and dust for such a long period.

We want to do something when we move in.  We want to give gratitude to our neighbours.

Reiki Sanctuary deserves our love.  For all the inconveniences that she has gone through, she will be a haven of hope.  A sanctuary that will keep us safe.  A house that we will call Home, a place that we will not abandon.  A love that we will not let go.

.. and we are praying for all things well.

.. and we are praying for forgiveness.

.. and we are praying that we shall be open to wisdom.  And to the truth.  And the healing from within.

Perhaps, these experiences are about revelation.  Perhaps, they are about siphoning quantity and quality of life.  About what we should keep.  About what we should let go.  About change.  About ultimate.  About reaching out only to the truth. 

The Universe surely has a way to put a smile .. to put things right .. to tell us that everything is ok.  Just look at the notice we received from HDB - look at Point 4.  And look at Point 3 - 16/08 and 17/08 is Saturday and Sunday respectively!

It can only say that life is not perfect, afterall.  We just have to keep smiling.  And there's always faith and hope.

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